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Winners and Losers from the E-Commerce Wars

Chicken Little is staring up at the sky, waiting for it to fall, and doesn’t notice she is about to be mowed down by a speeding FedEx truck, loaded with Amazon boxes scheduled for delivery. In the etailers versus retailers war, the etailers are winning. Market shares for everything ecommerce are growing. Tech solutions have […]


Credit Card Fraud and the Latest Hacking Epidemic

If you’ve been following news in the hospitality industry, you may have noticed the recent widespread scandal involving hacked hotels. There are a lot of different ways to hack a hotel and, have no doubt, the hackers are getting creative but by far the biggest problem is their recent fixation on customer information. Trump hotels, […]


Artificial Intelligence is More Advanced than You Think

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been a staple in Sci-Fi genre classics, often depicting the future Armageddon, where machines rise up against their creators. Though many would assume we are still a while away from that scenario, the truth is AI is already more advanced than most would be ready to believe. Currently, in 2017, […]

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