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cyber warriors

Cyber Warrior Princess to the Rescue

We need some cyber warriors, and we needed them yesterday. Especially at Equifax, the agency that used to guard our credit reports. The 143 million people effected by having their personal financial data stolen, however, are only the tip of the failed cyber-spear. Innovation in medical IoT and medical wearables is dangerously vulnerable to hacking, and new biometrics are […]


The Future of Mobile: What Will We Use After Smartphones?

Technology is always changing, always growing. Like a snowball rolling downhill, our innovations compound and change almost constantly. But what happens when the maximum output for a product has been reached? When the public craves better, faster, and stronger, what will we turn to next? It’s well known that the smartphone has been on top […]

lean start up

Basics of the Lean Startup

The ideas behind the lean startup model are excellent tools for financial planning and forecasting for all startup businesses, not just those who are developing a new to market product. Using actionable metrics at each stage in product or business development, businesses can make small, incremental changes and develop the agility to change course midstream or adapt to new […]

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