Who are we?

We are a management consultancy focusing on intelligent data management and new financial opportunities. We support complex projects in order to facilitate change.

  • New Management Consultancy (based on intelligent data management - platform independent)
  • Crowdfunding Platform and Funding Support to generate new business
  • Trend Research: Robotics, IoT, Data Intelligence, Fintech, Telecom, Healthcare, 5G, Data Science and more
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Industry Expertise

Real Estate/Logistics
Professional Services (e.g. Law Firms)/Healthcare

Recent Research


How Robotics Can Drastically Improve the Healthcare Industry

Will robotics change the face of the healthcare industry? According to The Guardian, several robots have been introduced in various parts of the world to assist the elderly. For example, RoboCoach, introduced in Singapore, helps seniors complete their daily exercises and other tasks. The robot can “conduct” training sessions where the patients follow the moves […]

neural network

Platform Cooperativism Marries 19th Century Co-op Models with 21st Century Tech

What does it mean to work toward a sustainable economy? Is a sustainable economy a local idea in a global world? In the broadest sense, a sustainable economy is one which is economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially responsible. The current system, both locally and around the world, is not sustainable. There is inequality in […]

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence Technology: The Smart Office

 The Ambient Intelligence (AmI) environment is one that is aware of and responsive to human work and needs, and the technology is the hardware and software that runs those systems. In its simplest forms, it turns the lights out and the coffee pot off when there are no humans present. In developing smart offices, AmI […]

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