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solar geoengineering

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Geoengineering with Particles

Solar geoengineering is considered a more controversial method of geoengineering than carbon sequestration, because solar geoengineering is designed to change the atmosphere of the earth. The complexity of life on earth means we can’t model effectively the potential for all of the changes that could happen if we release a butterfly into the upper atmosphere, […]

equity crowdfunding

Selling a Piece of the Pie: Equity Crowdfunding Basics

Equity Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding rose of a different color, and while it shares many elements of donation or reward crowdfunding, its nature as a capital investment means it comes under securities laws in the country of origin. Equity crowdfunding means an investment through a crowdfunding platform, usually for a startup or early business, in […]


Geoengineering: A CDR Primer

Geoengineering, also called climate engineering, is a group of technologies that are seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change by two methods. The first of these, CDR, stands for carbon dioxide removal. The second is SRM, or solar radiation management. CDR technologies are trying to remove the excess carbon stored in the atmosphere–greenhouse gases […]

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