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Digital Transformation and the Changing Face of Business

What will business look like in 2050? Halfway through the new century, will we still be using organizational models and processes that belong to a different era? Will the predicted change be part of some digital transformation that has yet to be identified? Even with a great deal of discussion about digital transformation, the term […]


Winners and Losers from the E-Commerce Wars

Chicken Little is staring up at the sky, waiting for it to fall, and doesn’t notice she is about to be mowed down by a speeding FedEx truck, loaded with Amazon boxes scheduled for delivery. In the etailers versus retailers war, the etailers are winning. Market shares for everything ecommerce are growing. Tech solutions have […]


Credit Card Fraud and the Latest Hacking Epidemic

If you’ve been following news in the hospitality industry, you may have noticed the recent widespread scandal involving hacked hotels. There are a lot of different ways to hack a hotel and, have no doubt, the hackers are getting creative but by far the biggest problem is their recent fixation on customer information. Trump hotels, […]

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