Artificial Intelligence is More Advanced than You Think


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been a staple in Sci-Fi genre classics, often depicting the future Armageddon, where machines rise up against their creators. Though many would assume we are still a while away from that scenario, the truth is AI is already more advanced than most would be ready to believe. Currently, in 2017, a poker-playing AI is the best poker player on earth and can already easily beat human professionals consistently.

Libratus The Poker Champion

Libratus, the poker bot AI in question, defeated 4 professional players earlier this year for over $1.7 million dollars total. Data on AI from Pokersites shows that the phenomenon of AI playing poker is nothing new and has been in development for decades. What makes the data shocking is the sheer magnitude of the advancement in the AI sector, and how easily and quickly Libratus was able to evolve and learn the game. Not only was it able to identify the weaknesses of competition, but it has learnt from all of its lost hands, making no mistake twice and continuing to become better and better. Furthermore, Libratus was able to win at a rate of $14.72 per hand over the course of over 120,000 hands played.

With such advanced AI already in existence, many of the world’s most sensitive sectors are adopting AI. The general consensus that AI is not advanced enough to bring about are doom is wrong. Not only does advanced AI exist in 2017, but it can defeat us at a strategy game that some of us spend lifetimes learning how to play, poker.

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