solar geoengineering

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Geoengineering with Particles

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Solar geoengineering is considered a more controversial method of geoengineering than carbon sequestration, because solar geoengineering is designed to change the atmosphere of the earth. The complexity of life on earth means we can’t model effectively the potential for all of the changes that could happen if we release a butterfly into the upper atmosphere, […]

equity crowdfunding

Selling a Piece of the Pie: Equity Crowdfunding Basics

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Equity Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding rose of a different color, and while it shares many elements of donation or reward crowdfunding, its nature as a capital investment means it comes under securities laws in the country of origin. Equity crowdfunding means an investment through a crowdfunding platform, usually for a startup or early business, in […]


Geoengineering: A CDR Primer

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Geoengineering, also called climate engineering, is a group of technologies that are seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change by two methods. The first of these, CDR, stands for carbon dioxide removal. The second is SRM, or solar radiation management. CDR technologies are trying to remove the excess carbon stored in the atmosphere–greenhouse gases […]


Geoengineering is like Pizza

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This is the way geoengineering is like a pizza. Imagine a fully loaded pizza, dripping with luscious high fat  cheese. But you have elevated cholesterol and are at risk of a heart attack if you don’t bring your cholesterol level down. The doctor gives you a cholesterol medicine, and there is that pizza, smelling so […]


Principles of Glocal Integration: Business Transformation to a Global Market

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The term glocal, used to describe global and local actions together, is used in several ways by business today. Many people supporting the local movement, such as local food advocates and those proposing ways to use local business for community building, suggest that some business activities should always consider transportation to the end market, including […]

virtual reality

Protect your Users from Cybercrime

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As the Internet changes, so too does the world. For instance, the scope of corporate data is widening, and cyber criminals are finding more reasons and ways to undermine that data for profit. Cybercrime is a quickly-growing area of crime due to the anonymity and convenience it provides. So it’s understandable to find the Internet unpredictable […]

cyber warriors

Cyber Warrior Princess to the Rescue

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We need some cyber warriors, and we needed them yesterday. Especially at Equifax, the agency that used to guard our credit reports. The 143 million people effected by having their personal financial data stolen, however, are only the tip of the failed cyber-spear. Innovation in medical IoT and medical wearables is dangerously vulnerable to hacking, and new biometrics are […]

lean start up

Basics of the Lean Startup

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The ideas behind the lean startup model are excellent tools for financial planning and forecasting for all startup businesses, not just those who are developing a new to market product. Using actionable metrics at each stage in product or business development, businesses can make small, incremental changes and develop the agility to change course midstream or adapt to new […]


Organizational Structures Support Disruptive Change

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If we think about organizational structure as a way to weather the disruptive change technology, automation, and outsourcing will bring to business is the next century, business can develop organizations that are built to weather the coming storm. One new structure that can adapt to rapid change is a triangle working group model, designed to […]


The Evolution of the Smartphone

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What is going to come after the smartphone? Will it evolve or will it be replaced? Whoever figures this out and develops the technology is going to make a great deal of money. The smart thinkers are doing just that: thinking about the evolution of smartphones. If we think about the traditional kitchen wall phone compared to […]


Your Lawyer Has a Big Neural Network

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The centaurs are moving into the world more rapidly than anyone imagined. Hybrid human-AI teams are combining the big data analysis and pattern recognition powers of AIs with the creative and empathetic working of the human brain. The legal profession and lawyers are supremely adaptable to these new hybrid decision-making methodologies. That is both a benefit […]


FemTech Rising

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The last year has seen a number of exciting startups securing venture capital and developing innovative products that include healthcare wearables. FemTech is the name for the women-led, women-designed new product startups, and the success of these traditional and consumer health care products can be summed up in two words: market potential. Women’s healthcare has been underfunded […]


Business Values and the New Standards for Success

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Successful businesses tend to share similar values that boost their employee engagement. A loyal, dedicated, and energized staff, working toward a common goal, is the gold standard for a happy and engaged workforce. Across size, industry, market share, intellectual property, and other economic variables, employee engagement stands out as the hallmark of a successful company. […]

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Healthcare: IoT in Telemedicine

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Internet of Things (IoT) — the ability to connect any device to the Internet through an on and off switch — is a major component of telemedicine, which allows healthcare professionals to communicate with people long distance and provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. IOT Telemedicine, which has been gaining in popularity, is now expanding globally. […]


Current Trends in Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Crowdfunding has changed since the first exciting days, and several new trends show the maturing industry. Projects rooted in sustainability remain popular, such as hemp fiber glasses frames and window blinds with integral solar panels. There is an emerging trend in remaking classic equipment using new lighter and less expensive technology, such as a large […]


Best Practices for a Sucessful Crowdfunding Campaign

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With a number of active crowdfunding platforms, some wonderful business success stories, and a few glorious crash-and-burns, we have enough information to detail some best practices for crowdfunding campaigns. While business recommendations can be industry specific, best practices can be implemented across industry. Crowdfunding on the current platforms is a unique funding opportunity for a […]


The Kitchen Nanofarm: The Future of Fresh Produce

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Technology has addressed the waste and energy use concerns in the way the world grows, packages, ships, and wastes fresh produce. At this point, agriculture is not sustainable, and the inequities in world-wide farming systems are causing concern and changes in consumer behavior. The local food movement, urban agriculture, farmer’s markets, CSA’s, and other direct-to-consumer […]


Advancements in Healthcare

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Various thought leaders have opined that we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as seen by the fact that new technologies are disrupting all industries, disciplines, and economies. By 2020, the digital universe will be 44 trillion gigabytes. This amount is doubling every two years.  Big Data will become so large that artificial intelligence (AI) will make […]